Software solutions


We develop reliable and value-added digital solutions for you. Our SharePoint solution offers you support for many applications. It also enables efficient and easy management and access from virtually anywhere. Through this data management solution for the digitization of tasks and processes in your company, you are able to significantly increase the productivity and efficiency of your business. 

Microsoft SharePoint


On the basis of Microsoft SharePoint, we implement powerful, individual and flexible portal solutions for different application areas such as document, process and workflow management and/or specifically complement the productive use of IMS at our customers.


Christian Kehrt, Managing Director, QFU GmbH:


“with our portal, we are providing our customers with a tool that now enables them to perform inspections themselves, analyze the results, plan corrective actions and monitor progress with full transparency. we are confident that this portal will help our customers create the transparency and synchronization of processes needed to ensure product quality, drive proactive continuous improvement, and reduce costs. all company processes are documented in a coherent and complete manner, forming the basis for business decisions.“


With IMS PREMIUM, the software solution for Integrated Management Systems, we have a unique tool for establishing management systems as comprehensive control and management instruments in the company.

IMS PREMIUM is based on the concepts of TQM/EFQM and process-oriented management systems and contains all relevant elements for efficient management of the organizational, leadership and process structure.

The web-based, cross-industry tool forms the basis for transparency and clearness in the company and for company-wide knowledge management.